Sons Of The Forest How To Revive Companions

How to revive your companions in Sons of the Forest

Back from the dead.

In Sons of the Forest, Kelvin and Virginia are your only allies and, trust me, you’re going to need them. Unfortunately, they can get knocked down or even die, which usually means that they’ll be gone for good. However, you can save them, and, if you make some tweaks to the game files, its possible to bring them back from the dead. Here are a couple ways to revive your companions in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest – Ways to revive your companions

When they take damage, Kelvin and Virginia will drop to their knees. To revive them requires you to go over to one and hold the on-screen key for a few moments. Keep in mind that if they take another hit, they could die. If that happens, you can reload the game or do something with the game files, as seen below.

Before you begin, it’s recommended that you make a backup of all the files before you start making changes. If there are any problems, at least you can get back the original files if needed.

  • First, locate the game files on your PC. You can do this by simply searching your PC: User > AppData > LocalLow > Endnight > Sonsoftheforest > Saves — where you have a choice between single player or multiplayer options.
  • Once you’re in the correct folder, find the file named ‘GameStateSaveData.json’ and open it up in the Notepad app.
  • Depending on who you want to revive matters on how you alter the text. If you choose to revive Kelvin, change the text that reads ‘“IsRobbyDead\”:true’ to ‘“IsRobbyDead\”:false.’ And if you want to bring back Virginia, change “IsVirginiaDead\”:true to “IsVirginiaDead\”:false. Make sure you hit save and the file will be updated.
  • Next, open up the “SaveData.json” file in the Notepad. If you’re reviving Kelvin, find the text that says ‘“Typeld\”:9’ and you’ll see ‘“\State\”:6”’ underneath it. Here, change the number 6 to a 2. For Virginia, find ‘“Typeld\”:10’ and you’ll see ‘“\State\”:6”’ right underneath it. Once again, swap out the number 6 for the number 2.
  • We’re almost there. Locate the text that states ‘“Health\”:0.0’ and adjust it so it says ‘“Health\”:100.0”’ to bring your companions back to full health. Make sure you save everything to implement the changes.

The next time you open up Sons of the Forest, you should be able to find your companions again and you can pretend nothing happened.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

Sons Of The Forest How To Revive Companions

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