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How to romance all companions in Baldur’s Gate 3

You rolled... straight into my heart.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can engage in romantic interactions with any of your companions by building a solid relationship with them. Your actions, dialogue choices, and affiliation with different factions influence the companions’ opinions about you.

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Additionally, engaging in a romance with one companion may impact how others perceive the player. If you haven’t already realized, the romance system is surprisingly complicated, so we’ve created the perfect guide to help you romance all your companions in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Note: It is possible to romance multiple companions at once. Learn how with our guide.

How to build relationships with all companions in BG3

Conversation With Gale Baldur's Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

As mentioned above, your affiliation with different factions and actions will directly impact your relationship with a companion. In addition, while you are at your camp, you can strengthen your relationships with your companions by engaging in deeper interactions and conversations while resting. The table below shows how to improve your relationship with a specific companion.

Companion Companion Location Relationship Tips
Astarion Next to the Nautiloid shipwreck on the beach. To gain approval from Astarion, it’s essential to be cunning, manipulative, and indifferent toward others’ concerns. Being cruel and exploiting people will make him feel superior and improve your relationship.
Gale He is located at the Roadside Cliffs waypoint after finishing the prologue. To gain Gale’s approval, you must display intelligence, interest in magical knowledge and poetry, and approach situations with kindness and non-violence.
Karlach She is found during the Hunt the Devil side quest at The Risen Road. To earn Karlach’s favor, you must make choices that show your strength and free slaves since she, too, was once a slave at an earlier age.
Lae’Zel She is first encountered on the Nautiloid ship during the prologue. To earn Lae’Zel’s approval, you must make tough and aggressive choices in dialogue when interacting with her because she is not sympathetic or a sentimental character. As Lae’Zel and Shadowheart are rivals, players may need to go against Shadowheart’s usual disapproval to gain Lae’Zel’s approval.
Minthara You can find her in Act One in the Shattered Sanctum. Minthara is the only character you can romance outside of your primary companions. You must choose to work with her instead of fighting her. For more details, see the romance section below.
Shadowheart To get her, you must free her from the Mind Flayer Pod on the Nautiloid ship. To earn Shadowheart’s approval, avoiding conflict and seeking peaceful solutions when confronted is essential. It should be noted that Shadowheart and Lae’Zal have a rivalry, so supporting Shadowheart may negatively impact Lae’Zal’s opinion of you.
Wyll You will encounter him while completing the Remove the Parasite quest. Earning Wyll’s favor requires a unique approach compared to other companions. You must make heroic choices, lend a helping hand, and avoid selfish and entitled behavior to win his approval. Never side with monsters like Devils or Goblins. If you’re interested in romancing him, refer to the section below.

If your companion trusts you enough, you can start a conversation about romance, which may lead to a romantic relationship. If you succeed in engaging your companion romantically, you will unlock more dialogue options that can deepen your intimacy even more.

A really good opportunity to romance any character in the game is during the tiefling celebration after saving Halsin. During this time, you have a window of opportunity to make significant progress romancing any of your companions, including Halsin.

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How to romance all companions in BG3

Lae'zel's Romance Scene Baldur's Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

In addition to starting a relationship with a companion, “romancing” them is also possible. It is best to build your relationship with your companions as much as possible before you rescue Druid Halsin and complete the Save the Refugees side quest. This is because you will gain a lot of dialogue options that can lead to a romance with your chosen companion during the refugee celebration. However, if you don’t have a good relationship with a companion, the dialogue options to romance them won’t appear.

Below are the dialog options you want to choose with the companion you want to romance during the refugee celebration (except for Minthara and Wyll). After conversing with a companion during the refugee celebration, you must head to bed and choose which companion you want to romance.

How to romance Astarion in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3 Astarion

Image: Larian Studios

Choose these dialogue options during the refugee celebration:

  • Really? Saving lives is awful?
  • True, the goblins would have thrown a wilder party.
  • And what’s your idea of ‘a little fun’?
  • All right, let’s do it. I’ll see you later.

How to romance Gale in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3 Gale

Image: Larian Studios

Choose these dialogue options during the refugee celebration:

  • You’re a good teacher.
  • Hold on to the moment. It’s a good night for intimacy.
  • Picture kissing him.
  • I never thought it was so easy to cast magic.
  • So what did you think about what I pictured when we were connected by the Weave?

Rest a night and then approach him in camp again. When Gale opens up to you, comfort him to gain his approval. This will lead to Gale being interested in spending time alone with you. Next, head to your bedroll and choose to sleep with Gale.

How to romance Karlach in BG3

Karlach Baldur's Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

You need to complete Karlach’s quest by killing the Paladins and then choose all the dialogue options that favor her. After that, when you do the refugee party at your camp, you can choose a dialogue option that basically says “I really like you Karlach” and she immediately reciprocates it and tells you she’ll meet you tonight.

Like all romance, you can romance her right away, have a deeper relationship, or turn her down. The thing that’s different about Karlach is that she’s too hot to touch, so you can’t be intimate in a physical manner.

Instead, you need to find infernal iron and give it to a Tiefling weaponsmith in the Tiefling camp to start the process of cooling down the engine that’s replaced her heart. If you want to see her dating scene, you can watch it on YouTube, as Larian Studios released it during the Panel From Hell release showcase.

How to romance Lae’Zel in BG3

Lae'zel Baldur's Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

Choose these dialogue options during the refugee celebration:

  • Are you… asking for sex?
  • Yes. I will share my bed with you tonight.

How to romance Minthara in BG3

Minthara Baldur's Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

Romancing Minthara will change your game significantly, so ensure you are prepared for this. When given the choice to fight or work with her, choose work with her.

You then need to perform the following steps:

  1. Travel to the Goblin Camp.
  2. Head to the Shattered Sanctum.
  3. Speak with Minthara.
  4. Ask about the Grove and help with the Goblin Raid.
  5. After completing the raid, choose these three dialogue options:
    1. It’s been a privilege to fight alongside you.
    2. Embrace the change.
    3. Open your mind.
  6. Afterward, you will partake in a Goblin Celebration at the camp.
  7. Speak with Minthara again and tell her that you are hers.
  8. Interact with your bedroll and choose Minthara.

Note: Minthara will permanently leave the party if you romance her.

How to romance Shadowheart in BG3

Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart

Image: Larian Studios

Choose these dialogue options during the refugee celebration:

  • Tieflings?
  • Are you worried Shar won’t approve?
  • I’d be glad to. (If she asks to share a bottle)
  • I’ll find you after everyone’s turned in for the night.

How to romance Wyll in BG3

Wyll Baldur's Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

Romancing Wyll is a longer process compared to the rest of the companions. This is because you must complete the below steps to gain the option to romance him later in the game.

First, speak to Wyll at the camp and ask him about the Goglins and Tieflings. Then, take Wyll out of your party and go to Blighted Village. From here, speak with Spike and convince him to give you the prisoner. Do not choose the option to torture him but instead free him.

Head back to the camp and add Wyll back to your party. Next, head to the Goblin Camp and look for Spike. Speak about Mizora and then kill Spike and Abirak after you see the dialogue that stakes Mizora is not there. End your day, talk to Wyll at camp, listen to his speech about Mizor, and then sleep. Head back to the Goblin Camp and speak with Halsin. After that, you must kill all Goblin leaders with Wyll in your party. This will finally unlock the option to romance Wyll.

How to romance every character in BG3

You can also romance Halsin, Jaheira, and Minsc in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s not hard to do — all you have to do is do things they like and continue picking the flirty dialogue options. I’ve found that every companion in Baldur’s Gate 3 is overly horny so don’t overthink it and you’ll romance the companion you want to in no time.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam Deck.

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