Reflect Hive Projectiles With Hive Sword Guard Puzzles In Destiny 2
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How to solve all Reflect Hive Projectiles with Hive Sword Guard puzzles in Destiny 2

Bouncing bullets.

I will admit it took me and my buddy a while to figure out how to get past The Final Shape’s first Exotic puzzle. Figuring out how to solve the runes puzzle by reflecting projectiles with the sword guard had us scratching our Guardian’s heads in Destiny 2 for a minute.

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How to Overload the Runes

The most basic skill you will need to apply to this challenge in Destiny 2 is using the sword guard to reflect projectiles. This can be done by picking up the relic sword and holding the guard button. Now, projectiles will bounce off of it and fly to where your reticule is pointing. Be aware this has a little drop, so aim high. Once you have this down, it’s time to start the challenge.

Reflect Projectiles With Hive Sword Guard Puzzles In Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The rune sword is collected by killing the yellow bar enemies.

First Runes

The first set of runes simply needs you to reflect the hive projectiles being fired at you in Destiny 2 using the Rune Sword. Hold guard, and activate each rune by bouncing the projectiles off them.

Second Rune set

Now it gets a little tricky. Once you have grabbed the rune sword from a yellow bar enemy, unlock the runes by destroying the green orb above each one. You can do this by hitting it with the ranged sword attack that sends out a slash.

Once you have unlocked the runes, you must bounce the projectiles sent out by the hives into the correct rune using the Destiny 2 sword guard. You will notice that the first set of enemies sends out one color of projectile. For me, it was blue, so we matched it to the blue rune.

Once this is activated, kill all the enemies, and a new type will spawn. These will fire a different color of projectile that must be matched with the corresponding rune. Once this is activated, kill them for the final group.

Third Rune set

The next set of runes must, again, be activated by using the ranged slash to break the green shield above. Then, pick up the corresponding elemental orbs from their altars and throw them at the runes to overload them in Destiny 2. Then, kill Savathun. Easy. Onto the next stage of Queens, Part 1.

Overloading Runes In Destiny 2
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The final set

This is much the same as the third, but now you will have six runes to activate with matching elemental orbs. You don’t need to be LeBron to hit these, but you’re going to have to at least aim well. Being hammered by enemies doesn’t make it easy, either. I was pleased to have a fellow guardian alongside me.

However, once you have completed this and handed Savathun her eviction notice, you’ll be one step closer to the Ergo Sum exotic.

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