How to solve the Chamber of Reason puzzle in Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars How To Solve To Solve Chamber Of Reason Puzzle Room Chest

The Chamber of Reason in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is the first real challenging puzzle you’ll need to solve, so here’s how to do it step by step. The rewards include a Force point at the end, the rare Diligence lightsaber emitter, and some other collectibles you’ll spot along the way.

You’ll find the Chamber of Reason in the middle of the Bassalt Forrest on Koboh. The ancient Jedi vault is accessed via a rope swing to a landing area where the elevator entrance is situated. You can’t miss the brass door.

How to solve the Chamber of Reason puzzle

Within the Chamber of Reason you’ll take a rope down and observe the same pedestal and orb mechanics as you found previously in the caverns below Greez’s cantina.

Pull the orb and place it into the nearby pedestal via Push. You’ll know it’s lined up by the purple arc trajectory indicated via the game UI. A bridge will spawn nearby which you can travel across to reach a breakable wall. Pull the wall to reveal the second controllable orb required for this puzzle and return across the bridge with the orb, suspended by Pull.

How To Solve Jedi Survivor Chamber Of Reason Puzzle Room Chest Bridges Orbs

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The next step is to Pull the lever mechanism back at the area where you started. You can drop the second orb briefly, but note the following. Orbs will respawn if you left idle on the ground for too long. You need to regularly hold the orbs to prevent that from happening. Orbs can sit on the ground for about seven to 10 seconds.

The lever mechanism you Pulled will adjust to spawn another bridge that spans the chasm. Pick up that second orb via Pull and take it across the bridge and up the lift at the other end. You’ll see another pedestal where you can place the orb to spawn the next bridge.

Once you spawn the bridge, cross it about half of the way and look down to your right at the first orb still in its pedestal for the first bridge. You’re now within range to Pull that orb and carry it to the far side of the bridge where you’ll place it at the next pedestal.

Place the orb and turn around to Pull the nearby lever. This activates a lift, which then spawns a new bridge. Cross that bridge, take a left, and reach the other end of the chamber to drop back down to the previous section where the other orb still powers a bridge.

Pull the lever at that section to shift it and spawn a different bridge. This new bridge is defective, so you’ll need to time the crossing and wall-run to reach the far end. From there, look left and wall-run while jumping off and back onto the wall to gain more height. Run left down the back hallway again and look at the orb powering the defective bridge. You are once again within range to Pull it from the pedestal up to you. Take that orb and go back down the hallway.

Star Wars How To Solve To Solve Chamber Of Reason Puzzle Room Bridges Lightsaber Emitter Orb

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How to get the bonus chest with the Diligence emitter

This is when you can grab the bonus chest containing the Diligence lightsaber emitter. Cross the bridge halfway and stop. Look up and to your left. There’s a large circular opening in the wall with golden light shining out. Push the orb through that opening in the wall and it will drop into the pedestal on the other side. This will also open the gates blocking the bonus chest. You can then jump into the room and open the chest.

Jump or walk out of the bonus room back to the bridge and then Pull the orb out. The gates will immediately close again, so this is the only way to get the orb back out. Continue across the bridge to the final section.

Across the chasm is the final pedestal, which is easily activated by lining up the arc trajectory and using Push to hurl the orb to the pedestal. The bridge will then spawn and you can cross to reach the Jedi statue housing the Force point within.

Turn around and Push the lever on the wall to activate a bridge by which you can return to the entrance. That’s all there is to learning how to solve the Chamber of Reason puzzle in Jedi: Survivor. There are several more puzzles later on in Jedi: Survivor, so check back for more guides to ease your experience towards 100% completion in Cal’s latest adventure

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