How to solve the Snake Puzzle in Atomic Heart

How To Solve The Snake Puzzle In Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart challenges players to solve a variety of puzzles throughout its story. Some of these are generic puzzles that are reused, while other are unique and require more strategy. One of the unique puzzles you’ll encounter in the story is the Snake Puzzle, and here’s how you can solve it in Atomic Heart.

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Atomic Heart – Steps to solve the Snake Puzzle

The Snake Puzzle is encountered during the ‘Red Arrow’ objective where you are tasked with locating Claire’s right arm. Claire’s friend tries to offer guidance on where Claire’s arm can be found, but a “large, elongated object,” is obscuring her scan ability. Your only choice is to head inside and see what awaits.

Upon entering there will be a few enemies you need to dispose of. Once those enemies are dealt with, head to the center of the room and interact with the button. Doing so will begin a game of Snake, a retro game where the player must control the snake and have it eat and grow without crashing into any walls or itself. A variant of Snake became popular in the late ’90s and early ’00s as it was preloaded onto most Nokia mobile phones.

How To Solve The Snake Puzzle Atomic Heart Drill Robot Claire Right Arm

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This interpretation of Snake in Atomic Heart is not overly complicated. All you have to do is use your Arrow Keys on mouse and keyboard or the D-pad on a controller to control what direction the snake travels. Direct the snake towards the gems while avoiding your own tail and after collecting 10 diamonds you’ll solve the puzzle.

After finishing the Snake Puzzle in Atomic Heart you’ll be rewarded with an awakened Burav drill bot. Thankfully, this big guy is surprisingly nice and hands you Claire’s right arm without the need for any scary boss fight. Now you can head back to Claire and install her right arm.

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Atomic Heart can be purchased on Steam.

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