How to solve triple authentication door puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail

How To Solve Triple Authentication Door Puzzle Honkai Star Rail
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You’ll come across many different missions and puzzles during your time playing Honkai: Star Rail. This is a new sci-fi strategy RPG by HoYoverse, the same creators as Genshin Impact. You start your journey in the The Herta Space Station, which has secrets to unveil. If you’re exploring the Base Zone, you’ll notice that a door is locked by a triple authentication lock. There are a few different steps to take to figure out how to solve this triple authentication door puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail. No worries though, we have the answers you need!

Guide to the triple authentication door puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail

If you try to unlock this door in the Base Zone, it’ll explain how it needs a triple authentication verification card. This isn’t just one card you need to find. You’ll have to find three different cards that you can combine to become a triple authentication verification card. The door’s system gives you a few clues as to where you can find each of them. Although, finding the exact locations of each can be difficult, so we’ll give you the answers.

First authentication verification card location

There’s a quest you’ll need to pick up to find this card. Talk to Arlan in the Master Control Zone after he messages you on your phone. This is apart of the ‘Road to Revival’ quest, which doesn’t take long to complete. Go to complete this quest until it takes you to the Base Zone. You’ll be tasked with taking out an enemy in one of the cabins. Once you do this, the enemy will drop the first card.

Honkai Star Rail Arlan

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Second authentication verification card location

Head to the Master Control Zone on the Herta Space Station. Right near the World Shop, you’ll find ‘Man with Afro’. Talking to him five separate times leads him to giving you the second card.

How To Solve Triple Authentication Door Puzzle Honkai Star Rail Afro

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Third authentication verification card location

This one is a little tougher to find. Go to the Storage Zone, specifically to the teleport waypoint called ‘Outside the Control Center’. Open the door to the room in front of you, leading you to a puzzle room. If you’re worried about getting stuck, or you’ve already reached a dead end, here’s a step-by-step guide to completing this puzzle room:

  • Run down the ramp to the left and defeat the enemy
  • Interact with the Control Device to activate blue bridges
  • Continue down the path and activate the next Control Device for a grey bridge
  • Defeat the enemy ahead and interact with the Control Device up the next ramp for orange bridges
  • Continue up this path, and cross the orange and grey bridge
  • Interact with the Control Device by the grey bridge for blue bridges
  • Pass the grey and blue bridge to pick up the glowing yellow item
Honkai Star Rail Storage Zone Control Room

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Don’t forget to take the rewards in the chest at the end of the puzzle! But now, you can finally open the triple authentication door using the three cards you found. Inside, you’ll find some tough enemies. Luckily, there’s also a chest inside with a 4-star Light Cone called ‘The Seriousness of Breakfast’, with our favorite train conductor Pom-Pom on the cover. Hopefully, this guide was able to answer how to solve the triple authentication door puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail!

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