Content Warning Lost Footage Project
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How to submit your Content Warning videos to be found by other players

Want to become SpookTube famous for real?

Landfall is running the Lost Footage Project to add real Content Warning videos to be found in players’ games – and yours could make the cut.

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How to submit your Content Warning videos to Landfall

If you want your videos to have a chance to appear in other players’ games, then you’ll have to submit your videos through an application that Landfall included in a tweet announcing the Lost Footage Project.

To submit your video to the application, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Upload your saved Content Warning video to a social media platform, like YouTube, X (Twitter), TikTok, etc.
  • Download the waiver from the application, sign it, and upload the copy you’ll receive into the application.
  • Copy the link of the uploaded Content Warning video and upload it to the application.
  • Upload the unedited Content Warning video into the application.

Once all three fields have been filled out (the waiver, link to uploaded video, and the raw video), then you can submit it. It may get chosen!

Landfall has not mentioned how many submissions will make the final cut but has stated that viral videos that have been submitted are more likely to be chosen.

The form won’t be open for too long, although no time frame has been given. Landfall has stated that it depends on how many submissions they receive.

And although they aren’t stated in the post or the application, there are some guidelines that you’ll need to be privy to.

Content Warning Video guidelines for the Lost Footage Project

How to view your saved recordings in Content Warning
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Landfall has been answering many questions from fans wanting to participate in the Lost Footage Project for Content Warning, giving insight into guidelines that haven’t been stated elsewhere. Make sure to abide by them to be chosen!

The guidelines and acceptable inclusions discovered so far are here:

  • The video must be unedited and unmodded.
  • Limited swear words are allowed. This has not been elaborated, so try only including tame curses, or better yet, none at all.
  • Only one submission can be entered.
  • It is okay if your video features bugs (not the monstrous ones, but the software ones).
  • It’s better if your videos are in English. Languages Landfall won’t understand are harder to evaluate.

If your video abides by these guidelines, you’ll have a safe submission with a real chance of getting selected. Good luck!

The more views your SpookTube video has, the better it is, generally speaking. So try to upload videos with loads of views.

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