How To Survive The Monster In Panicore
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How to survive all monsters in Panicore

Stayin' alive.

If you’re looking to escape with your life intact in Panicore, you’ll have to figure out how to survive against all the monsters. Since there are technically no weapons to fight it with, how are you supposed to survive?

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Panicore: How to survive the monster in the school

No matter which map you’re on, you’ll have some sort of monster attempting to hunt you. In the first map available, which is the school, you’re facing off against a blind but deadly monster. You can survive the school monster in Panicore by being quiet and throwing objects as distractions.

How To Survive All Monsters In Panicore School
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The main way you can easily survive the monster is to simply be quiet while you’re figuring out your escape from the school. This can be tough to do in a game that uses your microphone as a game mechanic for the monster to be able to hear you.

As someone with a fan in the background and a loud keyboard, my microphone was picking up way too many sounds around me. This meant that I had to turn it off to allow myself even a chance at survival.

Unfortunately, there is no way in the settings to change how sensitive the mic is, so I stuck to no mic for the game. This still meant that I had to be cautious about not running around or making other loud noises. Walking only makes a small amount of noise, while running will alert the monster.

Another good tip to survive is to use any throwable items at your disposal. So far, I’ve only found two types of throwables, which are bricks and glass. You’ll find these items on the floor or in cabinets. I noticed that throwing them at the monster itself doesn’t make it a weapon, but throwing them in a general direction can act as a distraction.

How to survive the monster in the hospital

The hospital monster is a lot scarier than the previous one, and it’s a lot noisier as well. You’ll hear it coming from a mile away with its huge stomps that shake the ground beneath you. You can survive the hospital monster in Panicore by hiding in bathroom stalls or cages.

How To Survive All Monsters In Panicore Hospital
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Throughout this gigantic hospital, you’ll find plenty of rooms filled with these red cages. You can open and close these doors which can allow you to hide in them from this monster. As soon as you notice him running towards you, run and hide in one of these.

I also noticed that the same tactic works in bathroom stalls. At one point when I couldn’t find a cage to hide inside, I was cornered into a bathroom, but hiding in the stalls worked just as well. Throwing objects down like bricks or glass can also work to your advantage if you want to stun it. Throw an object at this monster to give you some time to run away and out of its sight.

For now, that’s how you can survive all the monsters in Panicore. As the game updates, there will be more monsters available as well as more maps to explore.

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