How to unlock all outfits in The Outlast Trials

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The Outlast Trials offers a host of customizations you can apply to your character. You can change what you look like, your sex, and other features to give you a more stand-out look. However, to make customizations the full package, you can also modify what you wear. They are an interesting way for you and other players to showcase yourselves. Even though the game is set in the first-person view, you won’t be able to see your fit, but your party will. So you should take advantage of this. Before diving into the multiplayer, you should look sharp, read this guide on how to unlock all outfits in The Outlast Trials.

The Outlast Trials: How to unlock all the outfits

Since The Outlast Trials is in early access, you get 4 outfits, which makes the game for the time being limited. These outfits are The Good Doctor, Redemption, Rusted Llizarov, and Maverick. They’re solely cosmetic and don’t add any benefits to you.

To unlock each outfit, you must go through each trial fully and complete their Programs. This means if you beat a trial but not the full Program, you’ll still earn credits but not rewards like Release Tokens.

After you’ve beaten all the Programs, and gone through the final Program X, you’ll earn 1 Release Token. If you want to see how the game ends, do this step ten times to earn ten Release Tokens. On top of that, every time you beat the game, you become Reborn. To unlock all the outfits, you need to be Reborn at least 4 times in total, one for each outfit.

While you’ve unlocked them, you still need to buy these outfits. Each outfit costs around 10,000 in-game credits. As you complete each trial with a high score, you could earn a large amount of credits quickly. But keep in mind that each outfit needs to be bought separately, and you’ll need to save up at least 40,000 credits to buy all of them. This can be done by redoing each trial a few more times.

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How to equip the outfits

When you’re in your cell, open up the Character Customization screen. Once you’re in this menu, look for the Outfit tab, from here you’ll be able to view and equip the outfits you’ve unlocked.

The Outlast Trials is in early access via Steam.

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