How to unlock all Relics in Vampire Survivors

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Relics are some of the most important items you’ll find on your journey through Vampire Survivors. Each one permanently unlocks something new in the game, from new menus, to difficulty options, to secret passive items in stages. Having a full set of these makes your runs much more manageable, which is why knowing how to unlock all the Relics in Vampire Survivors is such vital intel for any aspiring monster slayer.

Read on for a full guide on how to find the Relics in each stage, as well as their specific locations and functions.

Vampire Survivors: Steps on how to unlock all Relics

How To Unlock All Relics In Vampire Survivors Relic Collection

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The majority of Relics in Vampire Survivors behave in the same way: when you enter a stage with a Relic, a green arrow will appear, pointing you towards its location. You can follow the arrow, pick up the Relic, and voila! Job done. Some Relics, however, require a more involved process to unlock, demanding more from you as a player to track them down.

The list below gives a full breakdown of every Relic in the game, along with the function it serves, and the stage it appears in. If there are steps involved beyond simply following the green arrow, those steps are detailed in the ‘Where to Find’ column on the right.

Relic Name Function Where to Find
Grim Grimoire Lets you see a list of discovered weapon evolutions in the pause menu. Inlaid Library
Ars Gouda Lets you view the Bestiary from the main menu. Dairy Plant
Milky Way Map Lets you view a map of the current stage on the pause menu, complete with item locations. Dairy Plant
Magic Banger Unlocks music selection, letting you change what music plays in a stage on the stage select screen. Green Acres
Sorceress’ Tears Unlocks Hurry Mode, which can be enabled for any stage on the stage select screen. Gallo Tower
Randomazzo Lets you unlock and use Arcana cards. Gallo Tower
Glass Vizard Causes the Merchant to appear in all stages. Moongolow (must be bought from the stage’s Merchant for 10,000 Gold)
Mindbender Lets you switch skins for characters (where applicable), and change the maximum number of weapons for a run, both on the character select screen. Unlocked automatically after filling 50 entries in the Collection.
Yellow Sign Causes hidden items (Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right) to appear in all stages. Holy Forbidden (hidden stage accessed by surviving 14 minutes in Moongolow for the first time)
Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane Lets you access the Secrets list from the main menu, and cast spells from within that. The Bone Zone (dropped by giant Sketamari enemy upon defeat)
Great Gospel Unlocks Limit Break, Allowing you to level your weapons beyond their normal maximums. Capella Magna (dropped by The Ender boss fought at the end of the stage the first time you survive 30 minutes)
Gracia’s Mirror Unlocks Inverse Mode, which can be enabled for any stage on the stage select screen. Eudaimonia Machine (if you choose the ‘Too Easy’ option)
Seventh Trumpet Unlocks Endless Mode, which can be enabled for any stage on the stage select screen. Eudaimonia Machine (if you choose the ‘Too Hard’ option)
Apoplexy Lets you purchase the Charm PowerUp from the PowerUps menu. Bat Country (appears at the 9-minute mark)
Chaos Malachite Allows Mortaccio to evolve into a new form upon reaching level 80. Bat Country (appears at the 18-minute mark)

Now that you know how to unlock all the Relics in Vampire Survivors, you’ll have full access to every tool and feature you’ll need to prevail over the forces of darkness.

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