Wuthering Waves Whisperin Cores
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How to farm Whisperin Cores in Wuthering Waves to ascend characters

Take your characters to a whole new level.

Don’t let Ascension barriers stop your characters’ progression in Wuthering Waves. Here is how to farm Whisperin Cores to ascend characters in Wuthering Waves.

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What are Whisperin Cores in Wuthering Waves?

Whisperin Cores — yes, without the “g” — are a type of Ascension Materials used to ascend Resonator Characters and weapons. These will be able to level up to a certain limit before they will need to ascend, which is a feature that is related to your SOL3 Phase level.

For example, to ascend to Rank 2, you need SOL3 Phase 2, and so on. While they can be bought with real money, Whisperin Cores can be collected and farmed from in-game activities.

Wuthering Waves Resonator Ascension
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Wuthering Waves: How to farm Whisperin Cores to ascend characters

While there are many tiers of Whisperin Cores in the game, you will want to focus on collecting as many LF Whispering Cores — the lowest tier — as you can. Not only will they be able to break the first ascension barrier, but they will also serve to synthesize higher tiers of Whisperin Cores. Follow these steps below to farm them in Wuthering Waves:

  • Defeat Tacet Discord enemies in the open world. Here are some of them that may drop Whisperin Cores:
    • Electro Predator
    • Fusion Warrior
    • Havoc Warrior
    • Vanguard Junrock
    • Zig Zag
    • Whiff Whaff
    • Tick Tack
    • Bosses
  • Complete Main quests.
  • Complete Tacet Field challenges. These are unlocked at Union Level 19.
Wuthering Waves Tacet Field Challenge
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Visit the Armor Shop and the Synthesizer in Wuthering Waves

If you, however, are not fond of defeating enemies in the wild for hours and hours and want to make use of your currencies and inventory, then you can get Whisperin Cores from the Armor Shop and the Synthesizer. Both of these are located in the northeast part of Jinzhou city, right next to the Research Lab where you met Mortefi.

Wuthering Waves Weapon Shop And Synthesizer
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In the Weapon Shop, interact with Uncle Wei and you will be able to craft different tiers of Whisperin Cores by spending Shell Credits. This is a great way to get these since Shell Credits are found quite often in the wild, as rewards after completing missions, simulation fields, boss fights, etcetera.

Wuthering Waves Weapon Shop
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The Synthesizer will exchange your lower-tier Whisperin Cores for higher-tier ones. In the case of the MF Whisperin Cores, you will get one by exchanging three LF Whisperin Cores, which is not a big issue given the amount of cores you can collect as we have discussed before.

Wuthering Waves Synthesizer
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And there you go! Head toward every single challenge that there is out there in the world and you will get all the Whisperin Cores you need. Just be sure to level up and spend them wisely; you don’t want to focus on a character that might end up being on the lower part of the tier list. And believe me, I learned that the hard way.

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