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How to use Jumbified in Disgaea 7

It's kind of a big deal.

Disgaea 7 introduces a few new mechanics, which it piles merrily on top of other mechanics that appeared in past games. If you’re trying to grasp everything at once, it can be a bit overwhelming, particularly near the start of the adventure. Here is our guide explaining how to use Jumbified in Disgaea 7.

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Disgaea 7 – how to use Jumbified

Disgaea 7 adds the ability to use Jumbified attacks pretty early in the game, and then it expects you to put them to immediate use. However, there are a few points it doesn’t address as thoroughly as you might like, which can lead to some issues. To use Jumbified, you need to activate the ability and smartly place your supersized character outside the main action.

Disgaea 7 Jumbified Selecting From Menu With Rage Meter Filled

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Ground rules for your Jumbified character

To activate Jumbified, fill your Rage Meter. This might happen a few ways, but most reliably occurs when your allies take damage. Once the meter fills, you can then activate the Jumbified effect.

Start by placing your Jumbified character on one of the battlefield’s main edges. You can move the character around to the available spots. If an enemy has used a similar effect, that uses up one spot. More than one character can Jumbify at a time, which holds true for enemies also.

Jumbified characters have two types of attack. When a character has entered the Jumbified state, they cannot use a lot of their typical abilities, including Move, Specials, Lift, and Items. However, they gain access to Jumbilities that affect everyone on the battlefield. The exact impact depends on the character you have supersized. Your player character only remains Jumbified for three turns. Enemies have no such restriction that I can see. If you need to heal them while they are supersized, you must send one of your healer-type characters to the edge of the battlefield to apply ranged support. However, such characters are quite susceptible to damage from Jumbified opponents.

Disgaea 7 Jumbified Gigasaster Attack

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Make the most of your Jumbified character

Use your Jumbified character to quickly clear the battlefield. Because they are enormous, their regular attack deals generous area damage, which can be useful for taking out a group of enemies. I’ve also used it to eliminate Geo Symbols and desirable targets in the Item World. However, it’s important to remember that you also have a Gigasaster Attack available. If you’re facing off against a Jumbified enemy, you often must focus on him or her first. This certainly held true for me in the battle with the Episode 2 boss.

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Remember that your enemies also know how to use Jumbified. Enemies at the boss level are especially likely to use Jumbified, either in story missions or in the Item World. The power they gain can completely change the course of battle. When you face tougher foes, make sure to be ready for this to occur. Don’t take out a bunch of weak enemies and fill a tougher enemy’s rage meter unless you are in a good position to counter a Jumbified opponent. And, of course, use Jumbified whenever it will make things easier.

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