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How to unlock Santa Ladonna in Vampire Survivors

Looks like Christmas came early.

Vampire Suriviors is the gift that keeps on giving. Case in point: poncle just dropped a surprise update with tons of stuff. The most important aspect of the update for Vampire Survivors is the new character, Santa Ladonna. If you read our guide, we’ll show you how to unlock them.

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Vampire Survivors: How to unlock Santa Ladonna 

The interesting and well-liked part about the game is that each character can be unlocked through various ways. For example, Space Dude requires multiple steps to earn. However, to unlock Santa Ladonna in Vampire Survivors, you’ll be happy to know it’s not that complicated. All you need to do is survive for around 20 minutes. That’s the easy part. If you’re familiar with the game, surviving can be downright impossible in a game like Vampire Survivors, which is why you should arm yourself with these power-ups when you can. 

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Like most things in Vampire Survivors, unlocking Santa Ladonna will take some time as the game does get challenging quickly.

Santa Ladonna abilities

This character’s abilities are fairly basic but do quite a bit of damage. As you enter the stage, there’s a temporary cooldown bonus. The highlight is that when Santa Ladonna is in critically low health, he sends out a Rosary. For anyone not familiar with this move, it’s an item that kills all enemies on the stage at once. So if a character has it, they can become overpowered quite fast, and the game may get easier. 

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To recharge the ability, you have to recover health. One can see this move being used strategically if players time it properly. I mean having a kill-all move as your ability can give you the edge. 

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