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How to unlock new weapons in Vampire Survivors Among Us DLC

New weapons are here and they pack quite a punch.

Whenever a new expansion releases for Vampire Survivors, it’s brimming with new items to test out. So, let’s hit the button and figure out how to unlock new weapons in Vampire Survivors Among Us DLC.

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Vampire Survivors — How to get Among Us DLC weapons

How To Unlock New Weapons Vampire Survivors Among Us Collection
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While 15 weapons were added along with the new Among Us DLC, there are 7 base weapons that players can unlock, with one more being locked to a character. And like most Vampire Survivors weapons, players have to unlock the weapons to add them to the pool of weapons for any character. This process can be easier for some weapons, and more time-consuming for others. Here are all the new weapons in Vampire Survivors Among Us DLC weapons:

Weapon NameHow to Unlock
Report!Survive 15 minutes with Crewmate Dino
Sharp TongueSurvive 15 minutes with Imposter Rina
Lucky SwipeSurvive 15 minutes with Engineer Gino
Science RocksReach level 50 with Scientist Mina
Just VentSurvive 15 minutes with Shapeshifter Nino
Lifesign ScanFind Lifesign scan in far northeast part of Polus Replica, then get it to level 7
Clear DebrisReach level 50 with Guardian Pina
HatsOnly usable with Horse character

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As you can see, most weapons are fairly easy to unlock, with only a few requiring more work. What’s more, Hats in particular is a bit of an odd duck. It is the only new weapon introduced in the Among Us DLC that is locked to a specific character. And to unlock Horse, and subsequently Hats, you’ll need to defeat 6000 suspicious-looking enemies. Aside from that, once you unlock all the new weapons, you can use them on any character to your heart’s content. And with evolved weapons like the Paranormal Scan, these weapons provide massive amounts of impact.

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