How to unlock secret Profile Pictures in Honkai: Star Rail

How To Unlock Secret Profile Pictures Honkai Star Rail
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Editing your Trailblazer Profile in Honkai: Star Rail is a great way to represent yourself. Throughout this game, you can unlock new Profile Pictures, by unlocking new characters or completing quests. But there are two hilarious secret Profile Pictures you can unlock just by completing some easy tasks. Read on to find out how to unlock the secret Wanted Poster and Trash Can Profile Pictures in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to unlock secret Honkai: Star Rail Profile Pictures

Honkai Star Rail Secret Profile Picture Wanted Poster

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Wanted Poster Profile Picture

Once you reach the planet of Jarilo-VI, and become wanted by the guards for escaping, you’ll find some interesting decorations. Seven wanted posters hang around the Administrative District, each with a drawing of you and your party members. Four are found on the northern side of the district, and the other three are near the southern end.

Some are nice looking, while others look like crude scribbles of your faces. After interacting with each of them, you will receive the Wanted Poster Profile Picture and the ’50 Credits!?’ achievement. The Profile Picture looks like the terrible drawing of your Trailblazer’s face.

Honkai Star Rail Trash Can

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Trash Can Profile Picture

Another funny Profile Picture is earned by interacting with the trash cans on Jarilo-VI. They are also around the Administrative District. It doesn’t matter which trash can it is, you just have to pick one. Keep investigating and digging through the trash, while ignoring March 7th’s pleads to stop. Eventually, you find the treasure you seek, and you’ll unlock the Trash Can Profile Picture.

It’s quite literally a picture of a trash can. There is also a hidden quest with a trash can you can find in Boulder Town that quizzes you on the amount of trash cans in Belebog. If you’re feeling one with the trash, use this Profile Picture to your heart’s content.

There are probably many more secret Profile Pictures to unlock in Honkai: Star Rail, but so far, these are the most funny ones. The game will continuously update with new content, so look out for more hilarious pictures!

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