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How to use Evilities in Disgaea 7

Build a better demon.

Disgaea 7 gives you options like few other RPGs. You can build up your character’s levels, sure. But you can make a lot of other tweaks as you do, and those tweaks are sometimes more important than high levels. Evilities in particular allow you to craft a demon that’s everything you want it to be. Here is our guide telling you how to use Evilities in Disgaea 7.

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Disgaea 7 – how to use Evilities

Early in Episode 2, you unlock the Skill Shop. It is located to the lower left from the General Store. You can visit the shop to enhance your skills in exchange for Mana, which is useful. However, it has a superior purpose I was slow to notice. At the Skill Shop, you can spend Mana to acquire Evilities and assign them to your characters.

Disgaea 7 Evilties Learn Evility

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The first step is to Learn Evility. Select that option from the Skill Shop menu and choose which character to instruct. All characters earn their Mana independently, unless you donate some to the cause at the juice bar. Think carefully about the role you want your character to play in battle and choose accordingly. I tend to favor Evilities that allow me to gain more benefits from each level gained, rather than the ones that speed up how quickly I gain those levels. For me, stats are king.

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All Evilities have a set cost, separate from Mana. Once you have learned Evilities, you must equip them from the Character menu. If you have six points available, you can assign six Evilities that cost a single point each. Some Evilities cost more points, which means you can equip fewer of them at once. You gain additional slots as your character levels up.

Disgaea 7 Evilities Equip Evility

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It’s also possible to learn select Evilities without purchasing them from the Skill Shop. As you complete Quests, you sometimes receive Secret Scrolls that provide special effects. For instance, the Mana Maniac scroll increases mana gain by 100% for the character who equips it.

If you have Evilities you don’t need, you may be able to convert them into Mana. This option tends to work best for Evilities you learned at the Skill Shop. More powerful Evilities based on knowledge gleaned from scrolls cannot be converted. Before assigning scrolls, make sure you are happy with where they will go.

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