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How to use the juice bar in Disgaea 7

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Disgaea 7, like previous entries in the series, places a lot of importance on levels. However, you’re likely to find a few characters that suit your style. As you focus on your favorites, the others might suffer in comparison. They don’t have to get pushed to the side, though, if you use the juice bar to keep them relevant. Here is our guide telling you how to use the juice bar in Disgaea 7.

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Disgaea 7 – how to use the juice bar

The juice bar allows you to direct EXP and Mana to the members in your party who need it most. You can save up a bunch of those resources, and then apply them to a new recruit or a forgotten friend to even things up in a hurry. To use the juice bar, unlock it by completing Episode 2.

Disgaea 7 Juice Bar Drink Juice To Gain Levels

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Use the juice bar to spread EXP and Mana to weaker players, and even to level up individual stats. Simply visit the bar and choose Have a Drink. Select the character you wish to improve and then spend the necessary EXP to increase their level, or designate how much Mana to give them. There is no cost in HL, but you also can’t improve weapon proficiency in this manner.

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Earn EXP and Mana for the juice bar to distribute by playing through missions. When you complete a mission, you receive a small amount of EXP and Mana for the juice bar. That amount varies according to how much the characters gained in those battles. You can use items and Evilties to increase how much those characters earn. I have found that the fastest way to quickly add juice bar resources is with prolonged visits to the Item World.

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If you wish to improve character stats individually, you need Stat Extracts. Unfortunately, those extracts are uncommon. As the game progresses, you will find more opportunities to gather extracts, including your Item World Research Squad. In the shorter term, focusing on EXP and Mana should be good enough.

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