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How to use Social Squad in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Play with your friends even when they're offline.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a co-op game at its core, but you can play the game solo with AI companions at your side if you want. These bots use your own weapons and skills, but you can pull other players’ characters into your game for some help.

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What is Social Squad?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a unique feature called Social Squad. This lets you use your friends’ Suicide Squad characters on your team when you’re playing by yourself. You can even pull characters from the global leaderboards if nobody on your friend list has the game. If you use somebody’s character, they’ll get a portion of the loot and rewards that you earn in your session whenever they log back into the game.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Social Squad
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The Social Squad feature is activated by default and will autofill your Suicide Squad team with other players’ characters if you’re in a clan, but you’ll have to manually make additions to your squad if you aren’t in a clan. Setting the system up is confusing, however, so here’s what you need to know to do it right.

How to Use Your Friends’ Characters in Suicide Squad

You cannot change Social Squad settings if you’re in an active session. You have to add bots from the main menu before starting the game. Once you’re at the main menu, head to the Social tab and find the player you want to use in your game. You can use anyone from your friend list or the online leaderboards.

Once you’ve found the player you want to add to your Social Squad, inspect them and view their full profile. This will bring you to a page with all four of their Suicide Squad characters available to view along with their full list of stats. There’ll also be an option to “Add Bot to Squad,” which is what you need to select to add them to your team.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League Social Squad Bot
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You can use any of your friends’ four characters with the Social Squad feature and they’ll carry over all of their equipment and skills. If a friend has a particularly powerful Harley Quinn, for example, you can bring her into your game and she’ll perform better than a standard bot. You can even have duplicate characters on your team, although the storyline is designed with the four individual Suicide Squad members in mind, so some dialogue might not play as intended if you have duplicates.

Once you’re in a game, you can edit your Social Squad by heading to the Hall of Heroes and speaking to Rick Flag. You won’t be able to view the leaderboard or your friend list when speaking to Flag, but you can remove Social Squad bots from your team and add recent Social Squad players back to your team. Talking to Flag is an easy way to make quick adjustments to your team during a session, but if you want to browse players and add new allies, you’ll need to return to the main menu.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a great time even when playing alone, and the Social Squad feature makes the experience feel a lot less lonely. Plus, instead of having to play as all four Suicide Squad characters to level them up, you can just bring in powerful bots from your friend list or the online leaderboards so you can focus on your favorite. If you want to dive into multiplayer, we’ve got a guide for that.

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