omen x

We heard about the new OMEN X compact PC a while ago and HP has finally managed to get these shipping out from today.

The PC is designed to be powerful but small because HP wants users to strap this thing to their backs with a special backpack. The PC includes a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, 1TB SSD, and a GTX 1080 so it’s no slouch. The PC comes with a charging docking station and two pairs of batteries with up to one hour of battery life. The problem is the price which comes in at $2499.99 and the battery life is not exactly stellar which is why it ships with two pairs.

Then there’s the backpack. Anyone wanting to galavant around with the PC on their back will have to shell out an additional $499.99. Unfortunately, the Backpack is actually out of stock and there are only three OMEN X PC’s left for purchase according to the store page.

The idea behind the OMEN X is sound but perhaps it’s a little too late to market, and it’s pricey. The idea behind a wearable PC was to avoid tripping over cables giving the user the ability to roam, but with wireless VR tech now available such as the TPCast, it’s one less reason to buy one of these.

Still, if you are looking for a compact PC and have a load of cash lying around then it could be worth a look.

omen x
omen x

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