People really are going crazy over this whole Modern Warfare 3 thing. Some online players have already reached such a ridiculously lofty rank that they must have gone without food, water or toilet breaks for the past day and a half. Others queued for days in the cold to get a copy 15 minutes before anyone else.
However, none of these individuals are as silly as this guy…
18-year old idiot David Morales is in jail today for attempting to rob another man at gunpoint for his copy of Modern Warfare 3. Following a midnight launch for the game at a GameStop in Kansas City, the 27-year old would-be victim found himself in a tricky situation.
Having parked his car outside of his home, the attacker drove alongside him and positioned his car to prevent a getaway. The robber got out, pulled a gun on the man and demanded the copy of Modern Warfare 3.
However, the 27 refused and preceeded to wrestle the man who quickly hightailed it from the area. Remarkably, the attacker returned to the GameStop in question where he was arrested by police after a 911 call.
We don’t want to promote wrestling with armed idiots, but that 27-year old is pretty cool. 
It’s not known whether or not the game was harmed.
Source: Kansas City Star

Paul Younger
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