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There aren’t really any screenshots yet, so this will have to do.

If you reached the end of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, you’ll know it was written with a sequel in mind. In fact, Neocore intends to make the series a trilogy. But that doesn’t mean Van Helsing 2 will be a straight copy of the first game.

According to the developers, the next game will have three playable classes right off the bat (Hunter, Thaumaturge and Arcane Mechanic.) These were in the first game too, but only as DLC add-ons. By the sounds of things, you’ll be getting a lovely Chimera pet to look after as well. This, you can either “summon into combat or send away to the Ink to hunt for treasure.”

‘Resistance Management,’ is being touted as new feature too. This involves arming and organising the Borgovian resistance in some fashion.

More iterative steps are being taken with the Tower Defense Mini-Game, which will return in “extended” form (so, more of it, probably) and weapon crafting. In Van Helsing 2 you’ll be able to “fragment” any powerful artifacts into individual shards. Fragments like these can be turned into new runes, to power up items in a way of your choosing.

Other aspects like the Rage system, Lady Katarina and the Hunter’s Lair will all be returning. Plus, there’ll be a PVP mode alongside the 4-player co-op.

For more details about Van Helsing 2, have a read of David’s interview with the developers.

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