Insomniac Games reveal OverStrike

A team-based shooter set in the near future. Now, where have I heard that before..?
EA’s E3 2011 press conference included the reveal of OverStrike, a brand new IP from Insomniac Games, the developers known mainly for Ratchet & Clank and Resistance.
OverStrike is a team-based shooter set in the near future, featuring four agents known as ‘The Misfits’. Due to their less-than-normal way of doing things, The Misfits are seen as outcasts within their own agency.
However, when a ‘new threat’ raises its head, they’re called into action. Gameplay will focus on “lethal team-work” and “gadgets” according to Insomniac. The all-CGI trailer featured a lot of melee and gun-based combat, so I guess we can expect a lot of that kind of thing.
Best moment of the trailer? The first look at one of the game’s bad guys. A wonderfully stereotypical, tall, big, bald white guy with an anger issue. 
This being Insomniac, we expect big things. Big things and good things.
A website for the game has been launched here.