Team-based tactical shooter Insurgency is almost ready to open up ‘Early Access’ to the game. At 6pm (Pacific Time) today, it’ll be possible to get in the pre-beta, play with the developers and take part in this “persistent development process.”

To do that, keep an eye on the game’s site for when the countdown ticks to zero. Once it does so, the developers will be taking payments for the title. $20 USD will get you early and continued access to Insurgency throughout its creation.

Here’s what you can expect in this pre-beta release:

• Intense 32+ player online action with a focus on teamwork.
• Gain supply and customize the game’s arsenal to your play style.
• Choose from three unique classes that affect your movement on the battlefield.
• Highly immersive audio with 3D VOIP to coordinate with and track other players.
• Play the most popular maps and game modes, and help us prototype new ones.

Insurgency began life as a popular mod for Half-Life 2 called Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, but is now on its way to being a full, stand-alone Source Engine game.

Peter Parrish

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