War of the Roses

I’m not exactly a devout theologian, but I’d question whether the Virgin Mary would be impressed about a bunch of medieval knights committing war crimes with swords and daggers engraved with her name. Still, that’s pretty much what would happen in the 15th Century so it’s somewhat fitting that War of the Roses will release a sword and dagger set (above) especially for the pious, Catholic knights amongst its ranks.

That set of blades will cost you money (the press release doesn’t clarify how much, only that it’ll be cheaper between 21 December and 26 December), but the rest of the “Winter Has Arrived” update will be free. It includes two snow-flecked maps based on the battles of Towton and Wakefield. The latter has been captured in trailer form (below).

“Winter Has Arrived” will, er, arrive on 19 December.

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