A post from an IO Interactive community manager in Eidos’ Hitman: Absolution forums confirms that the developers are considering changes to the way the game handles disguises; specifically, the range at which enemies can detect Agent 47 when he’s dressed like one of them.

“We are currently looking at how to tweak the detection system with disguises,” the post reads.

The disguise system in Absolution has caused some frustration in Hitman fans and casual players alike. As things currently stand, a policeman is able to identify you as a bogus cop (for example) from halfway across a room. It places a heavy emphasis on stealth play, but some players feel this undermines the purposes of disguises as a whole.

It also leads to some strange situations, such as every single street vender in Chinatown knowing one another, and being absolutely sure you are not one of them (when dressed in this manner).

Hitman: Absolution’s checkpoint system has also come under some scrutiny, but a post by the same community manager suggests that this will not be altered. When asked if “the bonkers save/checkpoint system” would be receiving similar tweaks, the IO representative replied, “Yeah, that’s not going to happen. The checkpoint system was never meant to be a save system but, arguably, the communication of what it actually does could probably have been better.”

You can read my review of Hitman: Absolution here, or listen to Tim and I discuss it on the latest episode of the IncGamers Podcast.

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