IOGEAR HVER RGB Aluminum Keyboard Review


Manufacturer: IO Gear
Product: HVER RGB Aluminum Gaming Keyboard
Price: MSRP $49.95

  • Quick specs:
  • RGB multi-zone backlight with 17 lighting patterns
  • Brushed aluminum chassis provides a solid, flex-free platform
  • Simple key customization with programmable software
  • 3 User profiles to record macros and set backlighting*
  • Double injected keycap characters never wear off
  • Height 1.6″ (4cm) / Depth 7.1″ (18cm) / Length 18.6″ (47.1cm)

There are many factors when it comes to your PC gaming setup. Hardware purchasing makes up for the bulk of that. What kind of GPU do you buy? What kind of case? What processor will you choose?

When it’s all said and done, there are many other factors to consider. The right keyboard and mouse combination will either welcome you into computer gaming with open arms, or it may turn you away from the thought of it altogether.

When I initially started shopping for PC gaming peripherals, I was unaware of the seemingly endless options of keyboards, mice, and headsets that were on the market. Then, when the RGB boom happened, there was a whole new market of products to consider. I mean, don’t you want a rainbow of color options flashing about on your desktop?

Admittedly, the first group of accessories that I purchased were Razer products. I used the Razer Black Widow Tournament edition keyboard for about two years before upgrading to the Razer Ornata Chroma. These were both great options for mechanical keyboards, and with the Razer Ornata Chroma, a great introduction to the RGB spectrum of gaming keyboards.

PC gaming, though, often comes with a hefty price tag. It’s tough to find a product that is both cost-effective, yet can contend with other products on the market that are $30-40 more without losing features of said product. With that, it seems that the HVER RGB keyboard looked to settle that dispute, offering RGB options at a price conscious MSRP.

When I first pulled the HVER RGB (HVER is derived from the word hover, which is how the keys sit) keyboard out of the box, I was surprised by its design. I knew that the box touted an “aluminum” design, but I was unaware that it meant the entire chassis and better part of the keyboard. The entire bottom tray of the keyboard is a rugged, yet sturdy metal. It gives the keyboard some weight and a mechanized feel.

The second pro that I found were the RGB profiles. There are not a robust set of options for lighting. However, there are more than a sufficient number of custom macro, profiles, and key assignments that you can choose from the HVER dashboard. Unlike the Black Widow Tournament Edition, you do get a full keyboard and 10-key with the HVER RGB. There are also a number of media keys pre-assigned and highlighted amongst the top numbered area of the board.

I did find that the HVER RGB keyboard stands out in terms of ergonomic design. The keys are cupped to fit your fingers and offer a somewhat wider feel to them versus the other products I’ve tried. This also ties into the plunger switches and design of the keys. This is in comparison to other strictly mechanical keyboards. There is a smooth feel to each press being that there are no mechanical switches. There are also 26 anti-ghosting keys (allows multiple keys to be pressed without halting one another), versus something like the Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition, which has 10. If this is your first time purchasing a keyboard or looking for something entry-level, this is more than enough to fit your need.

The IOGEAR HVER RGB Aluminum Keyboard is a great entry-level gaming keyboard. I found that its ergonomic design, durability, and sturdy aluminum bottom can provide you with a cost-effective gaming keyboard that can withstand hours of gaming.

The profiles included aren’t exactly diverse. But, you will definitely find decent customization options for RGB backlighting and key mapping.

The only thing remote to a gripe that I have is the cord placement. It sits on the upper-right portion of the keyboard and looks as though it may not be able to withstand years of tugs or harsh jerks.

If you’ve been searching for the best bang for your buck or picking up accessories on a budget, there’s no doubt the HVER RGB is the one for you.

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