Is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor multiplayer? Co-op, explained

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Multiplayer Co Op
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One of the best features of Deep Rock Galactic is the co-op multiplayer, but is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor also co-op friendly? Whether it’s a yes or a no, know that it’s always Rock and Stone.

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Does Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor have co-op multiplayer?

Unfortunately, unlike the main game, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is single-player only. Deep Rock Galactic, the FPS extraction game, is a one to four-player co-op first-person shooter. It’s a great game that gets better with more people, but Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is one to enjoy alone.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is an isometric bullet hell survivor genre game similar to Vampire Survivors. In an attempt to cash in on Vampire Survivors’ success in shedding light on the survival genre, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is here, it’s incredibly good, and, no, it doesn’t have multiplayer.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor Multiplayer Co Op Demo
Screenshot: Funday Games

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why this isn’t available for co-op. Some players in the Steam Discussions for this game have asked why you can’t play it with your friends. But some replies explain how the genre of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor doesn’t exactly fit with a co-op playstyle. I disagree with that. I think Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor would be excellent with up to four other dwarven miners, but I’m also content playing it alone.

Luckily, Deep Rock Galactic is still an active game that’s enjoyable with your friends, but this new game is perfect for anyone who enjoys single-player titles. You’ll have the same four playable characters, dozens of weapons, plenty of enemy types, and multiple biomes.

Perhaps in the game’s future, the developers will consider adding a multiplayer mode. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is in Early Access after all, so nothing is off the table. For now, you need to Rock and Stone alone. Make your trek easier by learning all the Class Mods for each class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

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