Is Destiny 2 worth getting into in 2024? - Answered
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Is Destiny 2 worth getting into in 2024? – Answered

Eyes up, Guardian.

Destiny 2 has been out for several years and has seen its fair share of triumphs and controversies. There’s plenty of bad publicity surrounding the title and outdated information, which isn’t entirely accurate. Let me set the record straight and answer the question: Is Destiny 2 worth getting into in 2024?

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Should you play Destiny 2 in 2024?

Is Destiny 2 worth getting into in 2024? - Answered
Image: PC Invasion

Unfortunately, this is a tough question to answer. I returned to Destiny 2 in the middle of 2023 after a four-year break, and while the new player experience leaves a lot to be desired, the combat and presentation are exemplary. For ease of use, I’ve split this article into several sections, covering common queries and community sticking points.

Is Destiny 2 really Free to Play?

Destiny 2 adopted a free-to-play model in 2019. Unfortunately, the free-to-play offering is so shallow it’s more likely to confuse new players than draw them in. Free players can enjoy a small selection of game modes but can’t access much story content. A handy tutorial section shows players the ropes, but you’ll quickly run out of things to do. 

While Destiny 2 is technically “free to play,” you’ll need to open your wallet to experience any meaningful content. If you’re diving in for the first time, I recommend the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection, which includes three older expansions. You won’t be able to enjoy the latest seasonal content with this collection, but you’ll have plenty to play through.

How much content is in Destiny 2?

If you’re a new player, there are hundreds of hours of content to plow through, especially if you purchase every expansion. While Bungie is criticized for reusing old content, that won’t be an issue if you’ve not played before.

Once you’ve learned the ropes, there are several campaigns to play through and many exotic locales to battle on. On top of that, there are three classes, each with several elemental subclasses. An impressive amount of gameplay is on offer, with new content added regularly.

“Sunsetting” and the new player experience

Destiny 2 removed some older content from the ecosystem in 2020, and it remains an unpopular decision among fans today. Bungie called this removal “Sunsetting,” and while it streamlined content offerings, it’s had an everlasting effect on the game. 

I’ve sunk well over 100 hours into Destiny 2 since returning, and I still don’t understand some story beats as they reference events I was never a part of. That said, the gameplay loop is pretty simple, and if you don’t mind the story taking a backseat, you’ll have a good time.

Fortunately, Bungie confirmed in 2020 that they won’t Sunset any more content moving forward.

How does seasonal content work?

At the time of writing, Destiny 2 players are enjoying an extended Season planned to last over six months. Seasonal content is locked behind a paywall, but the seasons I’ve participated in have been content-rich and worth the investment, in my opinion. 

While not strictly seasonal, Destiny 2 goes offline for several hours every Tuesday. All weekly activities are refreshed when the servers resume, so there are always new tasks to enjoy.

Do you need friends to enjoy Destiny 2?

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While you’ll get a richer experience with a couple of friends by your side, there’s plenty to enjoy by yourself. All story content can be tackled alone, as can Strikes (repeatable mini-missions) and PvP. 

Dungeons are my favorite content in Destiny 2, which are three-player activities complete with puzzle-solving and challenging battles. Tasks like this shine if you’ve got friends to banter with, but the in-game Fireteam Finder can help you find other Guardians to play with.

Raids offer the most brutal PvE content in Destiny 2 and usually require a team of 6. You may have to play with strangers to get a team of this size together, but they are well worth pursuing and offer an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Is Destiny worth it for a strictly PvP player?

There’s plenty of exclusive PvP content to enjoy, including a returning event called the Iron Banner and a competitive mode called the Trials of Osiris. That said, the lion’s share of Destiny 2 content is PvE.

The PvE offerings are so rich that a player could happily enjoy Destiny 2 without ever touching PvP. I’d argue the opposite isn’t true for players who just want a competitive multiplayer experience.

It’s worth mentioning that several questlines challenge players with a mix of PvP and PvE tasks, so you may have to come out of your comfort zone if you want to see everything.

How expensive is Destiny 2?

Is Destiny 2 worth getting into in 2024? - Answered
Image: PC Invasion

The most common perception I see online regarding Destiny 2 is, “It’s too expensive to play.” I won’t sugarcoat it; if you buy every piece of content, Destiny 2 is costly, with no clear instructions on what to purchase first.

I previously mentioned the Legacy Collection as an ideal starting point for new players. After that, I’d recommend purchasing the Lightfall expansion and the Season Pass

While the upfront cost is pretty high, DLC frequently goes on sale, and if you wait for deals, you can get everything for less than the price of a new AAA release. Another contentious part of Destiny 2 is Eververse, the in-game shop. Eververse is expensive and uses a premium currency called Silver, purchaseable in awkward-sized packs.

This premium currency nonsense is commonplace across the game industry but draws ire in Destiny 2 as it comes alongside the numerous expansions.

Is Destiny 2 worth starting in 2024?

In my opinion, Destiny 2 is well worth getting into in 2024, as there’s so much to see and do. The shooting mechanics, soundtrack, and environments are superb, and the loot grind is satisfying, especially with a group. Dungeons are a highlight if you play with friends and are full of beautiful locations and fiendish puzzles. Monetization rightly draws ire from the community, but it’s not so bad if you don’t engage with Eververse. 

If I’ve encouraged you to dive into Destiny 2, good luck, Guardian, and check out our tips and tricks for new players to get you started.

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