Is Lethal Company crossplay?

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Exploring monster-infested moons with friends is fun and scary. Will you be able to take the next step and gather scrap using crossplay in Lethal Company? Let’s find out.

Lethal Company: Is it crossplay?

Crossplay is a feature that is short of being mandatory for current gaming unless your game features a plumber with a red hat or a child who travels through time and fights vases like there is no tomorrow. Crossplay is described as the ability to play a game with other players who have a copy of the game but for another console or platform entirely. Destiny 2 or Warzone are two examples of games that are crossplay, for better or for worse. So, is Lethal Company crossplay? The short answer is no. And well, the reason might shock you.

You see, there is no crossplay because the game is only available on Steam, meaning you can only play it on PC. So, while the game’s developer may want to implement this feature in the future, the truth is that the current state of the game doesn’t need crossplay at the moment. However, things may change a the moment due to the positive reaction that the game has been accumulating since it became available as early access on October 23, 2023. Whether we will see the game on other consoles like the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or even the Nintendo Switch or its successor will depend entirely on both the audience’s interest and the developer’s will. It will not come fast though, since only one person develops this game.

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In the meantime, be sure to gather your Steam friends and scavenge the moons in search of valuable items and scrap, lots and lots of scrap. Who knows? Maybe you’ll earn a quick buck if the monsters don’t maul you to death.

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