Is Party Animals coming to PS4, PS5, Switch? All platforms, explained

Is Party Animals Coming To Ps4, Ps5, Switch
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Party Animals is coming soon on September 20, a brand new multiplayer ragdoll physics-based fighting game in the same realm as Gang Beasts. And given the game’s most direct cousin is available on PS4, PS5, Switch, PC, Mac, and Xbox One, curious aspiring players may wonder just how many platforms it’ll be available on upon release. It is a party game, after all, and party games benefit the most from being on every platform out there. While a few are confirmed, is Party Animals coming to PS4, PS5, and Switch? Here’s where Party Animals will and won’t be available.

Party AnimalsPS4, PS5, Switch release, explained

Party Animals is going to be available at launch on Xbox Series X and Series S, Windows PC, and Xbox One. It will not be available on anything else. That means no Switch, PS5, PS4, or Mac. At the moment, there is no word or plan for ports or releases to any of these missing platforms. Perhaps given Party Animals is an indie game and the first from its studio, the chosen platforms are all they could secure for the game. Yet we don’t know if they hope or plan to add on to the platforms. We don’t know if it depends on the game’s success, or if there is a bigger or more technical reason for these platforms being left out.

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Perhaps a bummer considering its cousin game has such a wide reach. You won’t be able to punch and whack your friends while on the go using your Switch or via your trusty PlayStation. We’ll just have to see what comes of the game’s future.

So is Party Animals coming to PS4, PS5, or Switch? Unfortunately, for now, no. You’ll have to unleash your inner rage on a computer or Xbox console.

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