Is there a way to stop dying while offline in Ark Survival Ascended? Answered

Ark Survival Ascended Dying While Offline
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Ark Survival Ascended has a baked-in feature that keeps the game constantly running in real-time, even when you’re offline. It’s incredibly frustrating, as it leads to my character dying while I’m not playing the game. Here’s my advice to stop dying while offline in Ark Survival Ascended.

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How to stop dying in Ark Survival Ascended

First, let me get this out of the way. There is no way to turn off the always-on world clock in your Ark Survival Ascended game. For a game that dives deep into the nitty-gritty when it comes to accessibility options, it’s absolutely mind-boggling to me how Studio Wildcard, after eight years of Ark, hasn’t put a togglable real-time on/off switch in the game.

Though I’m still reeling from that, we have to move on. It’s a feature that we need to live with, for now at least. It’ll affect your PvP matches, so make sure you don’t sleep. It’ll affect your local friends-only server, so you better stay on Ark Survival Ascended 24/7. No but seriously, how do you not lose all your hours of hard work to dying while offline in Ark Survival Ascended?

I had about four hours of gameplay logged on Ark Survival Ascended in which I had tons of resources on my person and two tamed dinos. I logged off for a bit and came back to a respawn screen, two dead dinos, and all of my stuff gone. Luckily, if you make it to your last death spot, you can pick up your entire inventory, but unluckily for me, I got jumped by two raptors and piranhas on my way over. I lost everything.

PSA: Build a storage box

Ark Survival Ascended Storage Box
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The reality is you will die while offline and you need to be okay with it. That’s how this game works. To ensure you don’t lose countless hours of hard work, you need to build a storage box, which can be unlocked at level four. You level up super fast in Ark Survival Ascended, so you’ll reach level four before your first hour of gameplay.

It doesn’t have to be your permanent spot, but you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time by building and using a storage box. All you need is 10 fiber, 20 thatch, and 25 wood. Make a stone pick, then make a stone hatchet, and then make your storage box.

While placing your inventory items into your storage box is the only way to not lose hours of time on Ark Survival Ascended when you eventually die while offline, you can also avoid dying while offline by building a house.

A proper house with a roof, walls, and a lockable door is the best way for you to avoid dying while offline. While dinos can still destroy your home and kill you while you think you’re safe, this is much safer than logging off while standing exposed outside. If you are on a PvP server, unfortunately, you’re screwed either way.

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