Is there matchmaking in Helldivers 2?

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Helldivers 2 was released with a few issues at launch, as many games these days do. One of the issues was with matchmaking in Helldivers 2, preventing players from finding others to go to war with. This isn’t a problem if you have a squad, but for solos, it rather spoiled the experience.

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Is there matchmaking?

There is, indeed, matchmaking. On release, there were a lot of issues with multiplayer and the random matchmaking lobbies. This left a lot of players playing without others. Helldivers 2 is a good game, but it certainly loses its charm when you have no matchmaking and have to go it alone.

Within a few hours of release, the game fixed itself with a 2GB patch, and multiplayer was finally available in Helldivers 2. Now, matchmaking is simple and quick when playing solo.

How to use matchmaking in Helldivers 2

Playing with random parties is simple when you know how. The first thing you need to do is allow other players to join your party. So, head into your settings, find the Options Tab at the top, and under the Gameplay option, ensure that Matchmaking Privacy is set to open in Helldivers 2. This will allow other players to join your game without them previously being your friend. Enabling crossplay is also advised.

Is there a Matchmaker in Helldivers 2?
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How to join a game

To join another game through matchmaking in Helldivers 2, head to your Galactic Map and select a location you would like to drop. You will notice there are options to begin a mission. This will drop you into a mission alone. Provided you have an open network, others can join.

If you look around the planets, you will also notice player logos just outside of mission areas. Hover over these, and you will see other players’ names. You can join in progress missions by selecting these points. By joining their mission in progress, you will be dropped into their map. Once the mission is finished, you can continue to play with the squad. This is the basic matchmaking in Helldivers 2.

Is there a Matchmaker in Helldivers 2?
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How to have other players join your game

If you are playing a mission solo and want others to join your game, you can call in a SOS Stratagem. This will place a marker that invites others to your game. You will now show up on the map like the previous players when looking at the Galactic Map.

Leave matchmaking to the Helldiver 2 gods

There is also a quickplay option in Helldivers 2 matchmaking. Simply head to your Galactic Map and hold down the Quickplay button as displayed on your screen. This will drop you into a random match.

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