Is Xdefiant On Steam Or Epic Games
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Is XDefiant down?

Can XDefiant be played right now?

XDefiant is an online shooter — a Ubisoft online shooter — so many players may be expecting the servers to drop and make the game unavailable, especially if they can’t log-in or find matches.

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Is XDefiant down right now?

As it stands on launch day, XDefiant is not down. I was able to play a match myself.

The servers are online, although they’re struggling to accommodate all the players, considering everything just booted up. You’ll simply have to be patient and allow the servers to house all the players jumping on.

Some servers may be empty and take a while to fill, but the servers are online.

If you’re struggling to connect to the game and the servers are online, then you may be struggling to connect due to issues on your side.

The most efficient way to ensure your systems aren’t struggling is to restart everything. Your device and your router can be restarted. Doing this will squash any bugs and will renew the connection.

If you’ve done this and aren’t struggling and the servers are online, then you’ll simply have to wait (or get better Wi-Fi).

The most reliable way to check this in the future is by checking the XDefiant server status.

How to check XDefiant server status

Xdefiant Server Status
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Checking the XDefiant server status is the most reliable way to determine whether the game is down or not, rather than waiting on other online communities or a journalist to let you know.

When opening the website, you’ll see the live Connectivity and Performance status, which is also displayed for each platform it’s on.

Whenever you encounter connectivity issues and are wondering whether it’s on Ubisoft’s side, check this website first. If the servers are up, then either a different error is spreading that other players will report, or you are struggling to connect yourself.

Now that you know how whether XDefiant is down or not, you can rest assured knowing that all you must do is wait or restart your devices. I hope you’re not out for too long.

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