Has Activision Blizzard in Italy leaked the release date for Diablo 3? This is the question on the lips of the community today after the news broke earlier. According to the sources, the date has been set for 17 April and the game will be retailing at 54,90€ for the standard edition and 89,90€ for the Collector’s Edition.
Italian gamers now say that pre-order boxes are appearing on the shelves of Italian retailers so we can assume that there is some accuracy to the release date.
We had expected the game to hit the shops mid April and the 17th is a Tuesday which would mean a global launch for the game.
A couple of weeks ago Dutch retailer Bart Smit revealed their pre-order posters in stores setting an April/May release and now it is looking more likely to be April.
Yesterday Blizzard’s Jay Wilson Tweeted to say that in a scale of 1 to 10 they were at a 9 for announcing the release date, so it in light of this latest development, we think Blizzard are likely to announce the date on Monday/Tuesday next week.
For more on this news and reaction head to Diablo: IncGamers.
Source: Diablo: IncGamers and mmorpgitalia.

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