Kat and Emmett Breathe New Life Into PSASBR

by Joshua Williams

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (PSASBR) recently released two new DLC characters  (Kat and Emmett) and on top of that, they were free the first two weeks. Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett from Starhawk combine to make the roster increase by two exactly (Trust me, I counted!). SuperBot made it clear early on that new characters would be treated as the original roster in that they’d have their own stories, costumes and so forth. What they might not have anticipated was that they’d split from their Sony partnership and that Sony Santa Monica would take over the DLC and support for their pride-and-joy. Let’s take a look at how these additions fair in battle.



Kat in my opinion is very fun to play as but I’m yet to see how her ability to literally defy gravity can benefit her in PSASBR. With such a huge emphasis on pummeling your opponents to earn super-moves, how can you do so if you’re floating around? I know, I know, just stay grounded, that’ll come in handy when trying to avoid someone else’s super-move. Maybe you can also take advantage of opponents that are flung helpless into the air.

Kat Barrels

However you choose to play, they did a really good job of capturing the essence of Kat. She can attract objects to herself and then fling them as she does in Gravity Rush and she’s always accompanied by her magical black gravity cat Leroy (not the actual name). Her level three even results in her becoming a Catwoman hybrid able to smack around her opponents like balls of yarn.

Heads up


Emmett from Starhawk is a very much a beast and as unique and fun to play with as Kat. He’d be almost like a new skin for let’s say Sweet Tooth if not for his ability to call down weapons and turrets from space. With all the firepower that he packs, it doesn’t take long before you reach level three and piloting your own Starhawk (in mech form).

Emmett lv3

The story lines, artwork and voice work in the case of Emmett are very well implemented and are definitely worthy of at least one story mode playthrough. We know there are more characters and stages on the way. If this initial offering is any indication of what’s to come, then we’re all in for a treat when they become available.

These characters are now available on PSN for $4.99. When you purchase for either platform (PS3 or Vita) they”ll be available for both. Feel free to share below how you feel Kat and Emmett breathe new life into PSASBR.

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