Tyrone Rodriguez is apparently a man looking for some more publicity and, having formerly worked at IGN, he knows how to get it… hence the following story.
Rodriguez not only thinks that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima makes “terrible” games, but he also dislikes the fact that indie developers called themselves ‘indie developers’. In fact, it’s not just Kojima, it’s Konami in general:
“Konami doesn’t make good stuff,” he said, before referring to Kojima directly: “He’s terrible at making games. Metal Gear is good in spite of him. I haven’t enjoyed a game of his since maybe the original Metal Gear Solid, maybe.”
He then moves on to attack indie developer naming conventions:
“The main thing I want to see from indie developers is to stop calling themselves indie developers,” he said. “You’re either a game developer or you’re not. Indie has nothing to do with it. It’s like this cool buzzword now. Do you make games? Okay, then you’re a game developer.”
Rodriguez is currently a producer at Nicalis, a studio most well-known for the WiiWare, 3DS and DSiWare ports of Cave Story. 
Perhaps we’ll take Rodriguez more seriously when he achieves 1% of Kojima’s success.  
Image above is of terrible game designer Hideo Kojima.
Source: Indiegames

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