Humble Bundles newest offerings are practically a whole history of RPG Maker software, plus several games made its various versions. If you want a copy of the latest RPG Maker or, well, copies of most of the releases in the software’s history, this is probably the cheapest way you’re going to find.

The tiers here are a little unusual, if only in the sense that you get the latest RPG Maker at the top tier (that part isn’t unusual), but the very bottom tier has the second most recent release in it. Older ones are peppered in amongst the middle tiers. So, if you pay $1 USD or more you’ll get 2012’s RPG Maker VX Ace (along with the VX Ace Fantasy Starter Pack DLC, and two games; Remnants of Isolation and Pale Echoes).

At the next tier (beat the average, currently around $6.80 USD) you’ll receive RPG Maker VX. That’s the precursor to Ace from 2007. This tier also has the VX Ace Sci-Fi Starter Pack DLC, plus a couple more games: Antagonist and Skyborn. There’s a promise that more will be retroactively added to this tier in a week or so, too.

Up at the $15 USD (or more) tier, you can go a bit retro with RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003. Here, you’ll also find VX Ace Retro vs Modern Starter Pack DLC. Plus the game Last Word.

Finally, at $50 USD (or more), you get the latest edition of RPG Maker, MV. This tier includes the RPG Maker MV Starter Pack DLC as well. And the game Echoes of Aetheria for good measure.

In short then, if you want RPG Maker VX Ace and a whole lot of Starter Pack DLC for it, then pop down $15 USD or more. If you’d prefer to get stuck in to RPG Maker MV and its Starter Pack, you’ll need to pitch in $50 USD or above. Of course, you get everything in the lower tiers too.

As usual with Humble Bundle, you can split your payment between developers, charities, and Humble themselves.

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