Lawbreakers patch 1.3 released with two role limit

Lawbreakers patch 1.3 released with two role limit

Boss Key is pushing ahead with their Lawbreakers updates despite disappointing player numbers and they have just released patch 1.3.

This update addresses the issue of “role stacking”, in other words, there is now a two role limit in Quick Play. Boss Key says that this should “increase the variety of gameplay”. This also ties into the upcoming Competitive Ranked Play.

“Quick-Play remains a place where players of all skill levels can jump in and find a match, but for some it’s also an environment to train for our upcoming Competitive Ranked mode. Our decision to set role limits to 2 is one we think will help inform development on Competitive Ranked as we continue to test it behind the scenes for future launch. As always, we’ll be listening to your feedback so please let us know what you think!”

This update does not bring any balance changes to the characters.

The update brings a new map variant called “Promenade at Night”, kick decals can now be printed in the game world, and there are numerous bug changes which can be read on the official site.

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