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    The next League of Legends patch is here and it’s less about balancing and more about bugs.

    Once again RIOT has decided not to make major balancing changes in the 4.18 update but it does bring one of their “largest champion updates to date” with the introduction of Sion, the Undead Juggernaut. If you missed the reveal of Sion you can always find out more on the special reveal page.

    The major points to note in the update are as follows:

    Also of note within 4.18 is a whole pile of bugfixes for Azir (sorry!), a GANGPLANK BUFF!?, the removal of Pando Media Booster, a Smart Ping volume slider (look at this new audio technology we can implement!), and phase 2 of our mass champion texture rebalance! You can think of this patch as more of a small maintenance update as we look forward to the World Championships in Korea and the future of competitive League of Legends. Definitely some bigger things to come in the future, so stay tuned!

    As well as in-game option additions for Volume Sliders there’s also quite a few bug fixes.

    • (Fixed during 4.17) Resolved a significant source of crashes introduced last patch which predominantly affected Mac players. This won’t solve every crash, but we remain committed to fixing as many issues as possible in every patch.
    • A lot of Azir fixes. Head back up to his section for the full list!
    • Garen’s R – Demacian Justice will no longer cancel itself if the target enters the fog of war while Garen is mid-cast
    • Undoing a Ruby Sightstone purchase no longer interferes with Sightstone’s ability to place wards
    • Abilities blocked by spell shields no longer proc life steal or spell vamp
    • Improved Soraka Bot’s AI to better accommodate for her gameplay update
    • Soraka once again has recommended items on ARAM

    The full patch notes can be checked out now on the LoL site.

    Paul Younger
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