RIOT release the 4.20 notes which is the first patch of the 2015 pre-season.

Strategic diversity is what RIOT are aiming for with the 4.20 update for League of Legends which will offer “more paths to victory” placing more emphasis on in-game decisions. To achieve this they are introducing “a metric tonne of changes to map-wide decisions”. These changes will include a “complete rehaul of jungle and jungle itemization, and a number of strategic item additions / modifications”.

RIOT are treating this pres-eason period as a good time to polish and evolve the game with future features in mind. The changes sound daunting for the RIOT team who say they are excited and yet a little “scared” about what the changes will bring to the game. An overview of what this means reads as follows:

“While we’re aiming to improve the quality of life for many junglers in the preseason, the truth is some junglers are going to get more mileage out of these changes than others. While it might be weird to get “pre-emptive” nerfs based on systems that haven’t been publicly tested, these guys and gals (and mummies and rammii) just keep coming up in our internal playtests, and we don’t want to be responsible for Amumu (just an example) becoming more of a solo-queue star than he currently is.

“Second note – you’re going to see a stat called “growth stat” in these champion patch notes rather than “per-level” stats. The reason is due to some complicated math we’re rolling out regarding base stats and stats per level, all of which you can read about here..”

The lengthy patch notes include a section on the Stats Gained Per Level which addresses imbalances between ranged and melee in the solo lane, Champion mana regen changes, new Jungle items, new Jungle item enchantments, Elixirs, strategic items and lots more.

The update also comes with new pre-season spotlight and patch run-down videos which you can watch below. There’s also a pre-season microsite for good measure and the full patch notes can be digested in their lengthy glory on this page.

At the time of writing, the servers should be offline while RIOT deploy the 4.20 update. They should return at around 9:30 AM GMT (Thursday morning).

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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