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Legend of Dungeon has world’s weirdest launch trailer

Legend of Dungeon (2)

Did you know that Legend of Dungeon is hitting Steam today? Well, excellently named developers Robot Loves Kitty have celebrated with a launch trailer. A launch trailer which turns Legend of Dungeon into a live-action party. Hmm.

Legend of Dungeon is a side-on action-RPG set in a randomly generated dungeon; think River City Ransom meets Nethack and you’re probably not too far off. Wander the dungeon, beat up monsters, find treasure, shiver with relief when you find a friendly NPC, and – if you fancy – do it all with three friends by your side, as the game supports four-player local co-op.

It’s out on Steam in, ooh, an hour and a half, and it’ll cost you £6.99. You can have a look at the game’s launch trailer below, or pre-purchase it on Steam here.