Legends Of Runeterra Targon reveal

Legends of Runeterra has been going strong since its release in April of this year. Its first in-game event, the Spirit Blossom Festival, has been a success and brought more interest into the game. Since launch, we have had two new game modes added, and every two weeks we get a robust set of patch notes so players know exactly what is going on with the game. It has been a very refreshing experience and Runeterra has been doing everything possible to make the game as consumer-friendly as it can be.

Thanks to those aforementioned patch notes, we have known that a new region has been coming to Legends of Runeterra for quite some time now. Well, yesterday we finally got our first look at what that new region will be. The Call of the Mountain expansion will feature the new region of Targon. Space isn’t a theme seen much in League of Legends, so a whole region based on it is pretty cool. It has an air of mysticism and wonder that is refreshing for the world of League and Runeterra.

We can see at the end of the trailer a mysterious figure looking at seven distinct constellations hovering above a mountainous tower. It seems that each of these constellations will be a reveal of new cards, new mechanics, and perhaps more as we move closer to the launch of Legends of Runeterra Targon.

Space… the final frontier…

Just today we got our first reveal that not only brought new cards but a new keyword ability called ‘Spellshield’. It nullifies the next enemy spell or skill that would affect a unit with the keyword. This has some pretty big gameplay implications right off the bat. This would mean your unit can’t be targeted with cards that can kill it, lower their power, or any number of effects. Likewise, if an opponent’s unit can be granted this ability, it would seemingly prevent it from being powered up or buffed by the opponent’s own cards. The gameplay possibilities are exciting, to say the least.

We also got to see four new cards, that being three units and a spell. Tyari the Traveler is a simple, but effective two drop for 2/2 that gives a supported ally +0/+2. Mountain Sojourners is five drop for 2/5 with a very impressive support ability. Not only does it give its supported ally +2/+2, but if that ally also has support, it will give that ally’s supported ally an additional +2/+2! Having both Sojourners and Tyari can create a very strong board presence just by themselves. With Sojourners on the left, Tyari in the middle, and even just a 1/1 on the far right, you can have three units with stats of 2/5, 4/4, and 3/5 respectively. Legends of Runeterra Targon looks to be a very support-heavy addition so far.

Kind of a big deal…

The big unit revealed is Arbiter of the Peak who costs a whopping 10 mana for 6/6. However, his cost lowers by one for each time you have targeted or supported an ally during the game. It will be very easy to drop this guy on the field for half his original cost mid-game, and most likely for free during the late game. He will be able to deal some serious damage when he does hit the board, and that isn’t even counting more support abilities that can be stacked on top of him. Last up is Bastion, a three drop burst speed spell that gives an ally Spellshield. Bastion counts as targeting an ally as well, so it will trigger the ability of Arbiter of the Peak while also giving your unit protection.

To boldly go where no region has gone before

With just four cards revealed so far, Legends of Runeterra Targon already looks very impressive. This trend will surely continue as we get more constellations revealed leading up to the launch of the Call of the Mountain expansion and Targon on August 26th. Make sure to keep an eye on the Twitter page for more card reveals as we get closer to that date as well.

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