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Lies of P: All Stats explained

Which Stat buffs should you stack up?

Lies of P, like many Soulslikes before it, is as much a game of glorified spreadsheet management as it is a crunchy combat simulator. Your success or failure will depend heavily on how you build out your character, which items and weapons you equip, and which stats you choose to invest in. Like the titles that inspired it, these stats are never fully explained to you in-game, so you may be confused as to where you should be putting your points. Fear not, for in this guide we’re going to explain all six of the core stats in Lies of P, helping you to plan out your character with confidence.

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What do each of the Stats do in Lies of P?

There are six total stats in Lies of P, these being Vitality, Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Technique, and Advance. When leveling up, which you can do by speaking to Sophia in the lobby of the Hotel Krat, you can choose to spend your hard-earned Ergo on increasing any one of these stats, with each improving a different attribute of your character. These improvements are as follows:

Lies Of P All Stats Explained Level Up

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Vitality – Increases your HP and Guard Regain stats, allowing you to take more hits in combat, and make better use of your Guard ability as well.

Vigor – Increases your Stamina stat, allowing you to make more attacks, dodge and Guard more frequently, and run for longer.

Capacity – Increases your Legion and Weight stats, allowing you to get more uses out of your powerful Legion Arm abilities, such as the Puppet String, and equip heavier weapons and armor without affecting your dodge speed.

Motivity – Increases the damage of weapons and items that scale with Motivity.

Technique – Increases the damage of weapons and items that scale with Technique.

Advance – Increases your Legion stat, and also increases the damage of weapons and items with Advance scaling.

Now that we’ve fully explained all of the Stats in Lies of P, you should have a much easier time deciding where to allocate your points each time you level up. As with most Soulslike games, you’ll get the best results by specializing in a single damage-scaling stat, and splitting the rest of your points between Vitality, Vigor, and Capacity to keep you from feeling too fragile as you progress.

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