Marvel Snap: Best Cards Quantum Tunnel
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Marvel Snap: Best cards for Quantum Tunnel

Tunnel into time.

In the Marvel Universe, the Quantum Tunnel transports people to and from the Quantum Realm. And in Marvel Snap, the Quantum Tunnel is a location with a very unique effect. Whenever you play a card at the Quantum Tunnel location, it is swapped with another card from your deck. Here are some of the best cards you can play at Quantum Tunnel, taking advantage of its unique effect.

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Best Marvel Snap cards for the Quantum Tunnel location

In general, you want to play cards with powerful ‘On Reveal’ abilities at this location. This can let you trigger multiple On Reveal effects as you swap one card with another from your deck. You can also trigger a card with a strong ‘On Going’ ability and swap it with another which has much higher power.


Best Cards for Quantum Tunnel: Lockjaw Marvel Snap

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Lockjaw is a 3-cost, 2-power card with the same effect as the Quantum Tunnel. Since both the Quantum Tunnel and Lockjaw do the same thing, you can use either the Quantum Tunnel or Lockjaw to your advantage, depending on your draw and whether Quantum Tunnel appears in a match. Quite often, you can harness the power of both and maximize the power of your deck when both Lockjaw and Quantum Tunnel show up.


Best Cards for Quantum Tunnel-Jubilee Marvel Snap

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Jubilee is a 4-cost, 1-power card that places a card from your deck into play. When playing Jubilee at the Quantum Tunnel, she will summon a card from your deck and replace herself as well. This is likely to give you two high-power cards at the Quantum Tunnel. Putting Jubilee back in the deck lets you redraw her and play her again if needed.

Mister Negative

Mister Negative Marvel Snap

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Mister Negative is a 4-cost, -1-power card, featuring one of the most unique On Reveal effects in the game. He swaps the power and cost of all cards in your deck, letting you set up devastating combos. Playing him at the Quantum Tunnel triggers his ability and swaps him with a card that has just been flipped by his ability. You can play the cards already in your hand too, swapping them for cards that have been made stronger by Mister Negative.


Thor Marvel Snap

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Thor is a 3-cost, 4-power card that places a Mjolnir into the deck. When Mjolnir is played, Thor gains six power. You will almost never want to play Thor at the Quantum Tunnel. However, playing other cards at this location can fish out Mjolnir from the deck, consistently making Thor stronger. You can also play Mjolnir at the Quantum Tunnel, granting Thor 6 power before swapping Mjolnir for a better card. 


Thanos Marvel Snap

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Thanos is a 6-cost, 8-power card that shuffles in six Infinity Stones that have a variety of effects. All the Infinity Stones cost 1 energy and have powerful On-Reveal abilities, but have low power. Quantum Tunnel can be used to swap out the stones for cards with more power, while triggering their On-Reveal effects. Doing so also lets us put all six stones in play at some point during a match, granting Thanos a huge power boots if the Power Stone is in play.

These are just some of the best cards you can use at the Quantum Tunnel location in Marvel Snap. Try other cards with strong On Reveal effects such as discard or destroy to make the best of the Quantum Tunnel.

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