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Marvel Snap: Best decks for Quantum Tunnel

Swap and win.

The Quantum Tunnel is a means of entering the Quantum realm in the Marvel Universe. In Marvel Snap, the Quantum Tunnel is a location with a distinct effect.  Whenever a card is played at the Quantum Tunnel location, it is swapped with another card from your deck. Here are some of the best decks you can play to take advantage of the Quantum Tunnel.

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Best Marvel Snap decks for the Quantum Tunnel location

Lockjaw-Thanos Deck

Marvel Snap Quantum Tunnel Best Decks

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As mentioned in our guide on the best cards for Quantum Tunnel, cards with powerful On-Reveal effects are the best to take advantage of this location’s swap effect. In our Thanos-Lockjaw deck, we play out the Infinity Stones shuffled into our deck by Thanos to activate their powerful On-Reveal effects. Playing the Infinity Stones at the Quantum Tunnel swaps them out for a card with more power or another On-Reveal ability. This deck also has the added benefit of playing Lockjaw to cycle the Infinity Stones and other cards in your deck in case Quantum Tunnel does not show up in a match. 

This deck plays other cards with amazing On-Reveal abilities like Okoye, who grants our entire deck +1 power, and Leech, who removes the abilities of cards in our opponent’s hands. We also have Magneto and Shang-Chi as disruptive cards to interact with the opponent’s game plan. Shang-Chi destroys any high-power cards on the opponent’s side while Magneto can move 3- and 4-cost cards where we wish. 

This deck features two cards with Ongoing effects in Blue Marvel and Quinjet. Blue Marvel provides an invaluable +1 power to all cards on our side, while Quinjet makes the Infinity Stones free to play when it is on the board. In case we don’t see the Quantum Tunnel or Lockjaw in a match, we have a backup plan in Sunspot and She-Hulk.

Excess energy is soaked up by Sunspot to gain power, while She-Hulk becomes cheaper by the amount of unused energy in the previous turn. Magneto provides the key disruption we need to ensure that we are winning the location where most of our power is.

Discard Hela Deck

Marvel Snap Best Decks Quantum Tunnel Deck 2

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This deck takes advantage of discard effects and swapping cards with The Quantum Tunnel to trigger discard multiple times a turn. The deck runs Colleen Wing and Lady Sif as targeted discard cards. Colleen Wing discards the cheapest card in your hand, while Lady Sif discards the most expensive.

We want to discard Swarm with Colleen Wing to gain to extra copies of Swarm that are 0 cost. Lady Sif should discard Apocalypse to increase his power by four and make him a great turn-six play.

These synergies are complimented by the inclusion of Dracula and Morbius. Morbius gains +2 power every time a card is discarded. In this deck, Morbius gains power every time Apocalypse or Swarm is discarded, or when another card is discarded instead. Dracula’s role in this deck is to discard Apocalypse at the end of the game and gain up to 12 power, often swinging the game in our favor. Discarding Apocalypse with Dracula becomes incredibly likely as we discard our hand throughout the game. We can also play Apocalypse out at the end of the game if we need a power boost.

Gambit and MODOK serve as discard cards with more potent effects. Gambit will discard a card to destroy an opposing card. He can snipe a high-power card before being sent back into the deck by Lockjaw or the Quantum Tunnel. MODOK discards all cards in hand, letting us rid our hand if necessary and trigger all of our discard synergies.

Magneto and The Infinaut are included in this deck as high-power cards that can be discarded or put into play by the Quantum Tunnel when we play a cheaper card at that location. Hela is the namesake of the deck and represents a lot of power by herself. She summons any discarded cards randomly onto the board, triggering their On Reveal effects.

Quantum Tunnel Series 1 Deck

Marvel Snap Best Decks Quantum Tunnel Deck 3

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This deck is specifically for new players who have a collection level below 214. The deck here utilizes the best cards that you have access to for the Quantum Tunnel. If you have access to cards from higher collection levels, consider using those instead.

The deck plays three of the best 1-energy cards that you have access to. Nightcrawler is a great card, as his ability to move once a game lets you put him in locations you cannot play in otherwise. Korg and Elektra have great abilities for a 1-energy card that is then swapped by the Quantum Tunnel. Korg shuffles a Rock into the opponent’s deck, weakening their draws, while Elektra destroys an opposing 1-cost card at the location she is played.

Sentinel and Jessica Jones are cards with decent power for their cost. Sentinel replaces himself in your hand, making sure you do not run out of plays. Jessica Jones gains 4 power when you do not play at her location the following turn. Together, they form a solid midgame and do not mind being put into the deck by the Quantum Tunnel. Mister Fantastic is another card with decent power for his cost. He may only have two power himself, but adds 2 power to each adjacent location, effectively providing 6 power.

White Tiger and Iron Heart are the key cards that you want to play at the Quantum Tunnel. They both have powerful On Reveal effects for very lower power. White Tiger summons a 7-power Tiger Spirit at another location, while Iron Heart gives 6 power across your other cards. These effects can be retriggered by Odin to double their value.

Finally, this deck is rounded out with America Chavez, Klaw and Devil Dinosaur. All three of these cards provide high power and are an amazing cards at a low collection level.

These are some of the best decks to play at the Quantum Tunnel location in Marvel Snap. Feel free to experiment and see what other decks dominate at this location, and what you can discover yourself.

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