Marvel's Midnight Suns Elemental Rods Abbey Agatha's Altar
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The Abbey hub in Marvel’s Midnight Suns holds many secrets involving Agatha Harkness. One of these pertains to magical objects that are scattered in the grounds. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide to help you find all Elemental Rods for the Agatha’s Altar puzzle.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide – How to find Elemental Rods for Agatha’s Altar

The Elemental Rods for Agatha’s Altar in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are actually part of an major arc as you explore the Abbey. Early on, you’ll meet Agatha Harkness’ spirit, and she’ll lead you to a challenge. Completing that provides you with your first Word of Power and Moon Seal.

From there, you’ll visit her altar (seen in the featured image), where she gives you cryptic clues as to what you need to do next. This task happens to be the collection of the four Elemental Rods. You can see their locations on the map below.

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Air Rod

While in the altar area, look for a wall with the Open symbol. Use your Word of Power to make the wall disappear, allowing you to pass through. Make a left along the dirt path to find the item.

Water Rod

This one’s fairly easy to spot. It’s underneath the bridge/walkway next to the pool.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Elemental Rods Abbey Agatha's Altar 2

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Fire Rod

Head to the chapel, which is the southernmost room of the Abbey. It’s just past the sleeping quarters of the other heroes. There, you’ll find the rod placed on a plinth.

Earth Rod

This one is all the way to the southeast. Follow the sloping path beyond the statues until you reach a clearing. Remember this crypt? This is where the Hunter was revived at the start of the campaign.

Use the Open Word of Power to make the illusory door disappear. Inside, you’ll see the item on the ground.

Agatha’s Altar

Now that you have all four Elemental Rods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it’s time to solve the Agatha’s Altar puzzle. Head back there and look at the niches/plinths on the platform. You’ll notice different drawings carved on the stone. You’ll want to match the Elemental Rod to the corresponding symbol (i.e., the wavy horizontal lines correspond to the Water Rod).

After placing all four, the torches will light up, and you’ll receive an Arcane Key. Not only that, but you’ll acquire your second Moon Seal.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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