“Mass Effect Andromeda Will Break Beyond Core Gamer Audience”

During Electronic Arts’ Investor Day, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson decided to express his views and thoughts about the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. According to his statement, the game will break beyond what was the core gamer audience as other titles in the genre have done in the past.

“And then we have Mass Effect: a whole new Mass Effect story emerging, a fan favorite. As a category role playing games or RPGs continues to grow and break beyond what was the core gamer audience. We’ve seen other games in the category do this, and we believe that Mass Effect will do that.”

EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Söderlund also expressed his thoughts about Mass Effect Andromeda, while sharing more details about a special crowd technology developed for Rory McIlroy PGA Tour and that has been adopted by the Mass Effect team. This technology will give the developers the option to have big crowds that you can walk through and the same tech was also used in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst and in other video game titles developed within EA.

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