Modern Warfare 3 Players Cite Campaign Was Rushed

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With another year comes another Call of Duty, and this time, we’re diving into Modern Warfare 3 and all it has to offer. Now, with the campaign in early access, players are not pleased with how Infinity Ward has handled the story.

Players Disappointed Over Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

The campaign within Modern Warfare 3 is one that players were amped about going into, as it would be a continuation of the excellent Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

All the familiar faces are back once again, such as Captain Price, Soap, and Ghost, and they’re going to be tackling the iconic villain, Makarov.

While the premise sounds fantastic, players are not too happy with how it has turned out thus far, and this is mainly due to the re-used assets noticed throughout the story, which are ones we’ve seen in Warzone.

However, the main issue facing players is the sense that this was rushed to focus attention on other parts of the game, and as KeviSkillz noted on Twitter, it was a “slap in the face to Call of Duty fans.”

Other complaints have ranged from the disappointing ending to how the campaign can be completed in just under four hours, a staggering difference compared to Modern Warfare 2.

JGod, one of the most prolific streamers in the Warzone community, expressed his displeasure with the campaign, stating:

“Tried to take my time with #MWIII but it was over in the blink of an eye (3-4Hrs).”

“I know 99.999% of people do not actively buy CoD for the Campaign, but one word to describe it is Lackluster.”

While there’s nothing we can do about it now, players are hoping for any sort of DLC in the near future.

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