Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak — Malzeno guide

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Malzeno Guide

Malzeno is the third of the Three Lords in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This Elder Dragon is a dangerous foe, one that will test your mettle after you’re done with Garangolm and Lunagaron. Here’s our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Malzeno guide to help you defeat this challenge so you can progress further in the campaign.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Malzeno guide

You’ll fight Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak at Master Rank 5. It’s going to take a while due to several hunts and other objectives, but you’ll eventually get the “Witness by Moonlight” quest. Once you start it, you’ll find the Malzeno in the Citadel, waiting for you in the eastern portion of the ruins.

One particular threat in this battle is Bloodblight. This debuff is caused by some of Malzeno’s attacks (i.e., anything that has a dark red glow, including body parts with flames). Bloodblight reduces your HP and the effects of healing. However, since this grants a “lifesteal” effect, you can continue attacking to help with survival.

Note: Fiorayne will also assist you as an AI companion even though this is not a Follower Quest/Support Survey.

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Malzeno has several deadly abilities:

  • Tail Thrust – It usually does two straight thrusts with its tail in quick succession.
  • Groundshatter – If you’re a bit further away, then it will rupture the ground in a straight line.
  • Teleport Whirl – Attempting to escape this foe is a bad idea, as its blazing fast speed will just have it teleport near you and do a whirling strike.
  • Bloodblight Orbs – It will spawn at least three orbs that move outward. Alternatively, these will travel along the ground.
  • Bloodblight Flame – This is a breath attack that applies the Bloodblight debuff.
  • Transformation – Malzeno will transform from time to time if it’s drained enough health from nearby fighters (i.e., the Bloodblight mechanic). The speed of its attacks are increased.
  • Fiery Bombardment – When Malzeno starts flying, that’s your cue to run to safety. This sequence consists of a flame breath in a circular motion, followed by a giant orb that explodes twice. This will likely kill you if you’re not careful.

With a bit of luck and careful maneuvering, you should be able to eliminate Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Anyway, while you might be done with the Three Lords, there are still a few more challenges that await.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available via Steam.

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