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If you happen to have a soft spot for dating sims, then you may have already tried out the Monster Prom series. This wacky collection of dating sims sees players attempting to win over one of several colorful monster characters and, if they want, they can share the laughs with up to three other people. So far, the series has gained a positive reception, particularly the second installment, which earned an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam out of 3,405 reviews. Fortunately for fans, developer Beautiful Glitch has already unveiled the series’ third entry, dubbed Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip, which players can already try out through a free demo.

According to the Steam pageMonster Roadtrip incorporates a fun new twist to the classic Monster Prom formula. Of course, you can still try and find a date like before, but that no longer represents your primary goal. Instead, you have to make it to the end of a road trip in one piece, which means ensuring you don’t run out of resources along the way. Although you can technically beat the game by avoiding this outcome, by fulfilling certain requirements you can end your trip on a high note by visiting an idyllic destination.


You don’t always have to play nice

On the surface, Monster Roadtrip functions as a co-op title, but it also happens to feature “a social competitive aspect that will provide a thrill for the game.” Players can weigh how much they contribute toward the main goal of surviving the road trip versus how much they cater to their own goals.

If you would like to test out the other Monster Prom games before trying out Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip, they each have a free demo as well. Otherwise, you can jump right into the latest entry and get a small sampling of it before the official release date, whenever that may be.

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